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Proposal Writing Intensive

June 15th and June 22nd

5:00PM CST

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Two Day

Do you ever think about just how much lost revenue and therefore wasted time it costs you when the proposal you send misses the mark?

If this has happened to you, you’ve probably already missed out on so much money. 

We can put a stop to that NOW, and go back and get the money you left behind. 

I’m 100% confident that if you’ll show up and follow through on what I show you, you’ll start winning more proposals right away.

In this virtual Two-Day Intensive session, 

It’s my mission to help an intimate group of service provider professionals to develop and implement the proposal formula needed to win more 5 to 7 figure deals, without having to chase after clients.


Together, we will develop the skills to present proposals as trusted advisors that get prospects to say YES and win deals.

This 2-Day Proposal Intensive Is For:

The burnt out service provider tired of fighting for contracts


Entrepreneurs interested in closing deals more consistently

Thought leaders who need boosted value proposition skills 

This 2-Day Proposal Intensive Is NOT For:

Professionals who don’t use proposals to acquire and secure business

Uncoachable entrepreneurs: we love to fill our proposals with fluff, but it’s strictly effectiveness over here.

The folks who already “know-it-all” - if you’re not willing to try something new for new results, you can’t be surprised that nothing changes!

What Will Be The Takeaway?

You deserve to work smarter instead of harder.


This session will allow you to equip yourself and your business with a repeatable and reliable standard process to pitch and close deals with less effort and stress. 

What You'll Gain

A system for writing winning proposals and never feeling lost in a proposal again. 

A clear understanding of how to stand your ground against bigger, more established firms by injecting your unique advantage

A  simple but powerful two-page proposal.  No more over-investing in pitches with 30-page proposals 

2-Day Proposal Intensive Flow 


Day One

Day One is building the foundation to allow you to work on your proposals with your new framework.

You’ll have one week to implement
and complete them…

Day Two

Day Two is where you’ll be able to bring your proposals to get feedback, advice, and coaching on the spot.

We'll then open the call up to take questions and do LIVE critiques of proposals to learn from each other.

Everyone who joins us will receive the recordings of both days.


I am committed to providing you with the best available tools, techniques, and systems to teach you how to work smarter in your business so that you can finally regain control over your time, and therefore your life.


By attending this training, you will be able to consistently produce high quality value proposition-focused proposals to potential clients of all ranges and reliably convert these relationships into regular profit.

What’s The Investment?

If you’ve been sending proposals but haven’t been winning deals lately…

Ask yourself this — if you were to win a BIG proposal, how much revenue would you earn?

With just one win with your new “Winning Proposals” framework You would be thousands, even 100s of thousands ahead, correct?

So we could easily justify asking $5,000+,
and you’d still get great ROI…

The investment is only $599 and I just need to know if you'd like me to save you a spot for now…

The intensive will be held on June 15th and June 22nd.

The Investment for this 
Two-Day Proposal Writing Intensive: $599

Meet The Facilitator

Bianca Shellie- Robinson is passionate about entrepreneurship education, project management, and business development.


She's a pitching expert and a corporate trainer.

She has a BA in Business Management and Two Master Degrees in Project Management and Supply Chain Management.


Bianca is a Business Professor teaching Business Operations and Project Management at one of Chicago's downtown colleges.

Bianca is a Business Trainer for Mastercard.

Bianca has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Black Enterprise, and much more!

Bianca is the President of Cayden Cay Consulting which was established in 2012.

Cayden Cay Consulting is a full-service operational management firm that works with businesses to develop and manage their business infrastructure needs. They teach professional service businesses how to create a bigger impact, gain back their independence, and increase their influence which will double their income.


Cayden Cay Consulting educates their clients on how to go from serving one client to serving many all by working less and making more money. Bianca has helped over 10,000 entrepreneurs start, grow, and scale their business in all 50 states and 140 countries online and offline. 

Cayden Cay Academy is a Business Development Academy that focuses on the growth of the business owners that have big dreams and great work ethic but they’re currently working within a  limited budget so they have to DIY their business success vs paying for done for you services.

Our philosophy is business development tools should be accessible, easy to understand, and reasonably priced.
For this very reason, we’ve designed a collection of digital products that you can access from your smart device. 

Our 3 Core Focuses Are Sales, Systems, and Strategies!

Whether you want to:

  • Start a new business

  • Enhance the business you already have

  • Create a new stream of income in your current business model


Cayden Cay Academy has something for you!

Bianca Shellie-Robinson,MBA, PMP


The Investment for this
Two-Day Proposal Writing Intensive: $599

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