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Build Your Professional Service-Based Business On A Profitable Foundation

A 3 Day Intensive

You can purchase all the marketing classes, all the funnel classes, all the copy classes, and all the sales trainings the online gurus have to offer.

None of what they teach you will change anything if your business isn’t built on a profitable foundation.

It’s equivalent to you purchasing a brand new stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher for the kitchen but the roof has a hole in it and it’s pouring rain directly onto your new appliances.


There's nothing wrong with the brand new appliances but your foundation isn’t together so everything it touches, will be destroyed. 

black man in hoodie 1.jpeg


Your business needs to be demolished and rebuilt on a foundation that is built to handle all of the money you desire.

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You deserve a business that pays, but your business deserves an owner that is willing to invest in the right tools and strategies needed for it to succeed.

It’s a two-way street!

Nothing is really work unless you would rather be doing something else_edited.jpg

Let me show you the foundational framework needed to quadruple your business' overall bottom line.

You already have the skillsets needed to have a profitable business, we just need to reposition the focus!  

I know the problem that you’re experiencing right now which is the main reason you can’t take your business to the next level.

You keep attracting your target market vs your ideal client.

The ideal client is who you want and the target market is who wants you!

We need to ensure that you’re always in position to attract, convert, and maintain the ideal client.


Building Your Business On A Profitable Foundation (3 Day Intensive) will give you the tools needed to start living the lifestyle you desire because you have a business model that supports it.


Day 1:

It’s The Business Infrastructure For Me

 “Let’s Find the Crack In The Foundation”

Day 1 we will gut your entire business all way down to the bare bones so we can rebuild so you can assess where you went wrong


Day 2: 

It’s The Products and Services For Me

“Let’s sketch out the brand new construction of our dream house with the architect

Day 2 we will create your main service offer as well as your main product offer.


Day 3:

It’s the Systematizing of the Workflow For Me

“Let’s start rebuilding  the house so we can move in your dream business expeditiously.”

Day 3 is where we now work smart instead of working hard since we have everything we need to gain clients and and checks.


Meet Your Instructor

Bianca Shellie- Robinson is passionate about entrepreneurship education, project management, and business development.

She's a pitching expert and a corporate trainer.

She has a BA in Business Management and Two Master Degrees in Project Management and Supply Chain Management.


Bianca is a Business Professor teaching Business Operations and Project Management at one of Chicago's downtown colleges.

What Our Students Are Saying:


Atiya Brown

I have been asked if I could coach in my industry, and it's never something I could do. But, after taking Bianca’s course, I realize that it is something I can do to help others grow their business. You will not be disappointed. 

Bianca  T Adams

Bianca discussed pitching and provided us with different strategies for improving our business and moving it to the next level.

Bria Lacey

Bianca has dropped so many gems. There's a lot of stuff I knew but wasn't putting into practice. I am extremely pleased with my investment.


Charelle Thomas

Being a new entrepreneur, I researched Bianca, followed her, invested in her digital products and all of her good stuff—which is perfect fit for me. I love the way she delivered her information, her extensive amount of knowledge, and broke it down into tiny chunks that made it easy not only to receive and digest but we can implement and apply.

Karitsa Kerns

Bianca has taught me how I want my business to run. She was able to provide baby steps that would provide direction, allowing me to achieve my vision more quickly.

Marisa Cotton

I would have to say, when I was involved in this program, it was definitely worth the price and more in building your business foundation. 


Omotola Akinsola

Queen Bianca provided us with everything we needed to be successful, including everything we needed to build a profitable business that makes money rather than a business based solely on passion.

Precious Rutlin

Before coming to Bianca, I was doing my consulting but it wasn’t running as smooth as I would like to. And now I accept who I am, what I want, my price is my price and it’s non-negotiable— because I know now how I can help women get the transformation.

Rena Williams

Bianca really broke down the difference between your ideal client and your target market, as well as using digital products for your business. I now have a foundation to start digital products and I now know how to market them.


Rolanda Hernandez

Bianca was able to structure my expertise so that I could profit and help others.

Shanny Beneby

Bianca's "Coaches and Consultants" program was exactly what I needed to take my business to the next level. We discussed everything from pricing to elevator pitches, processes and the client experience.

Tiffany Nichol Sweeney

I learn so much in this course! The main things I learned taking this course are the systems and tools used to grow your business. 

The Investment for this
3 day challenge: $499

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