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Don’t Doom Your Business

The business that requires your presence to function is a business that is doomed to fail.

Period! You cannot guarantee that you will always be available to address daily operations and you need to have the flexibility that CEOs have. Your best bet if you’re looking to grow is to take yourself seriously as an entrepreneur.

This is a lesson that a lot of my super ambitious clients struggle to learn. Believe me, I own a business so I understand firsthand what it's like to have a chronic case of the “I-can-do-everything”s as much as anybody. Creating a set of standard operating procedures and setting up systems to automate your business can feel too time-consuming when you could just take a half hour a day to complete this or that task, but that half hour can accumulate in a surreptitious way.

I don’t even have to guess: if you’re reading this, you’re probably over-stressed and overworked, but you have no idea how to streamline. It’s time to introduce strategy into your business game. Standard operating procedures and automations will give you your time back. Creating routine and a business plan will undoubtedly clear up time you didn’t even realize was going to waste.

I want to shift gears here to something just as important as professional efficiency: Let’s talk about lifestyle for a second. You’ve paid the cost to be the boss. Why should supporting the lifestyle that works best for you not be a priority? Because it’s greedy? Come on, you work way too hard for that. It’s time to take into consideration how your business can work best for you, not just the other way around.

My business is 90% digital not just because that’s been the best avenue for my content, but also because I do not keep work hours like many business owners who are trained in service do. Most of my digital work is actually scheduled long before you ever hear of it - because I like having control over how I use my time in a day.

I personally like to split up what work I’m focusing on based on the seasons - private client work happens mostly in the winter when I don’t mind being indoors that often. But this is your life, your entrepreneurship, and your dream: I highly recommend getting creative and building a framework for your business that will work for you. Using tools like systems and standard courses of action, even in baby steps, will free up your bound up time for you to spend on whatever is most important.

Don’t leave potential and money on the table! Taking the steps to make sure your business can run when you’re not there will not only make your life better and reduce your stress, but it will change the entire focus of the work your business puts out when you can focus on what’s important.

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