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Tips And Tricks: Read This Before You Purchase Your Next Course!

If y’all have ever worked with me, you’ve most likely heard the term “course junkie” come out of my mouth. I mean it in jest, obviously - I’ve been there myself and I totally get that it’s hard to know where to start… Taking classes is the next logical step!

But let’s be real. No matter how much education you get for yourself, strategy and templates will only take you so far. Don’t click off yet! This isn’t another “just put in more hours and skip Starbucks if you want to see more profit” blog post. There is one simple element that you can take time to develop and it will change your business game for good.

If you want to grow your business and you’re not sure why you’re not seeing the results you’re hoping for, let me ask you just one question:

How consistent are you with what you’re already doing?

What’s your daily routine? What do you do with what you already have? Can you give me a 90 day track record?

Look, the secret to creating an amazing career path for yourself is striking a balance between business development and personal development. All of the clients I have worked with have had talent, creativity, and skill - that’s not where we need to focus our efforts!

Something I highly recommend considering for any business is: how do you know what you’re doing is/isn’t working?

If you answered anything except for “well, based on the data I’m collecting!”, we have a little work to do. It’s probably not your strategies or your clients that are holding back your growth, it’s that quitting on day 3 or starting and stopping a project 8 times simply will not give you enough information to really get a clear idea of if what you applied is successful.

I myself made the transition from “course junkie” to my current standing as a data junkie instead, and it’s one of the most valuable reinventions you can go through as an entrepreneur. When you practice consistency in your business life, you give yourself a chance to collect the most specific feedback you could ever ask for, through analytics.

When you stick with one project for 90 days, your analytics will show you exactly what worked and what didn’t. What are the key performance indicators you’re using to measure your progress? How do you know if you’re meeting your growth goals if you’re not seeing a strategy through for a full run?

When my clients come to me with this question, I also ask them about their consistency in time management. Many of the most ambitious individuals I’ve met have struggled with starting and stopping, switching, or abandoning projects because they can’t help but pour energy into every new prospect that comes their way. I get it! But if you’re looking to really see results, it’s in your best interest to focus on one thing at a time long enough for you to gain an understanding of the results.

Does the work you have on your daily plate allow you to focus on the project that should be the priority right now? It can be incredibly helpful to implement routines, standard operating procedures, and specific goal setting in your business plan.

You’ve heard it before, but I’ll say it again: Consistency is key! Before you invest in more courses or strategies, make sure you give yourself the chance to evaluate what you’ve already been doing and set yourself up with the routine you need to succeed with the strategies you’ll get out of the next class.

If you're ready to get you consistency plan in order for your business, take advantage of our consistency training.

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