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Why You Should Cultivate Your Pipeline

One question I hear often from small business owners of all kinds is, “How do I make more money with my small business?” Now, I’m an expert in growing businesses, so I really want to dive into the specifics of the situation and get into the meat of what drives your company. But, if I have to pick a singular answer, I'll tell you to cultivate your client pipeline without hesitation.

I’m going to let you in on a secret: 82% of all of my clients are repeat customers. I put substantial time and effort into my customer journey not only because y’all deserve it, but also because I want my clients coming back for more.

The logic behind my reasoning is simple: if someone gave you money before, they’re probably not going to have a problem giving you money again (especially if they have an amazing experience with you)!

Your clients choose to work with you over anyone else, meaning they saw your unique qualities and they liked what you have to offer. Overdelivering and ensuring an excellent client experience funnel will create a win-win situation for everyone involved.

You get more business and more detailed feedback, and your customer gets a discount, or a better product than they paid for, or a special experience. The more you focus on creating a mutually beneficial experience for you and your client, the more likely they are to come back time and again!

You don’t have to push so hard trying to find new people. Many newer business owners panic trying to grow a larger audience to make the kind of money they want, but don’t ignore what’s right under your nose. The community you have built so far is one of your most valuable assets for the growth of your business.

If you’re looking to increase your profit, work smarter and build an excellent client support framework. Your customers are the ones who pay your bills, so don’t be scared to show them you appreciate them in your love language.

There are many ways to approach building your client sales funnel, so I highly recommend getting creative and putting your personal spin on it. Again, your individuality is what brought your clients here - give them an experience they won’t get with the next entrepreneur! Get your sales funnel automated with systems and a strategy in mind, and just watch how your profits, your satisfaction, and your clients’ happiness all skyrocket.

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