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You’ve Outgrown Your Business Model, Now What?

Most of the professionals I work with come to me with the same business model they’ve been working with since they started their company because it’s what worked in the beginning. And I get that - it’s scary to switch it up and I’m no stranger to the concept of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Wake up and smell the coffee, y’all - if you’re trying to grow any facet of your business, you need to scale up your business model to support that growth.

What’s driving you through your entrepreneurial journey? Whatever your motivation is, scaling your business up will help you do what you do better. If you’re still spending the primary portion of your day providing one-on-one services, you are leaving energy, profit, and the opportunity to help more clients on the table.

Scaling up your business to be able to work with multiple clients at one time opens you up to more profit AND allows you to provide diversified services to your customers. Teaching group trainings, creating asynchronous digital products, even writing a book to support the other services you provide will allow you to maximize your intellectual property and make the profit you deserve to (off of the same amount of work)!

If you have yet to scale up your business model to support the client base you’ve built, you’re not taking advantage of your time and intellectual resources. You simply don’t have the time anymore to do the amount of one-on-one client meetings it would take to make the kind of money you need to support your lifestyle: you’re wrapped up in a full-blown entrepreneurial journey now. It’s time to implement strategy and diversify how much you have to offer to your audience.

If you’re looking to grow your capital, the creation and implementation of digital products is a step that requires one primary investment to create, host, and set up the systems to maintain the product. This SINGULAR investment can generate profit for you while you sleep, work on profit-generation, continue with your regular daily procedures, or spend your time however you please. Passive income generation is an extremely beneficial element to add to your business model and take advantage of the intellectual property you’re already using every day.

By scaling and optimizing your business model, you’ll get out of your own way and allow your business to level up naturally as you accumulate more profit. You have everything you need to run your dream business within your skillset already - we just have to apply a logical framework to support the amount of business you could be working with.

Streamline Your Business with Systems

I hear it all the time: “I already do most of the daily procedures for my business and my team is trained on the rest, what could I possibly need to implement systems for? I don’t need systems!”

Y’all, yes you do. You need systems.

Systems are one of my favorite work-smarter-not-harder resources to implement into a framework for those of us who are used to grinding and having no free time. If you still have employees doing data entry for you, you’re simply not taking advantage of the resources you have in your business now.

Intellectual property from you and your team WILL take your business to the next level, but that takes time and creativity. Systems can automate a shocking amount of work monthly for less money than you’re paying your employees a day. You’re paying your valuable team to do basic data entry work when they are brilliant, full of ideas, and just chomping at the bit to use their skill set to help you scale up your company.

Your days of “task-mastering” in the professional world are long gone. A $40 a month system can automate what you’ve trained your team to do…. and your daily operations should really be focused on profit generation income diversification if you’re trying to scale up with consistency and efficiency.

Work smarter and let systems manage whatever is soaking up the most of your time and doesn’t need to! There are even free systems that can take over time-consuming business practices that are essential to your daily operations right now. If you can think of a task, you can Google a system to manage at least one element to make it easier on you and free up your valuable time.

Using systems to automate features of your business will give you the flexibility and peace of mind you’re dreaming of and allow you to make use of intellectual resources you’re currently ignoring. Your team members are extremely valuable, and frankly I bet they’d love to pivot their work flow to bring creative intellectual value to your business.

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